Payment of examination fees

Payment of examination fees
(English extract)

The examination fee must be paid by the date of application for the examination and all other fees must be paid by transfer to the Examination Centre's account at OTP Bank Plc 11711003-21463062 at the same time as the application.

The information to be included in the payment details: name of the candidate and the number of the fee line in the fee regulation.

Request for certification in case of a missed examination

If a candidate misses a previously scheduled examination date through no fault of his/her own, he/she can file an excuse letter to the Centre for Aviation Examinations via e-mail, via eHivatal in the form of an administrative request or in person. 

The excuse letter must be based solely on objective facts which are not due to any fault on the candidate’s part and must be supported by credible evidence (in particular, but not exclusively, a medical certificate, a certificate from a hospital, a certificate from an official body or a certificate issued by a public authority, transport operator or public transport operator). The request must set out the circumstances which make it likely that the candidate is not at fault and it must be accompanied by the evidence supporting the validity of the request. 

The excuse letter must be submitted within 8 calendar days of the date of the missed examination or, if there is an obstacle to its submission, of the date on which the obstacle ceases to exist. 

In the absence of the foregoing, the application will be deemed late, which will exclude the possibility to exempt the candidate from paying the examination fee. This right will be forfeited upon expiry of the deadline. No application for exemption based on equitable grounds may be submitted.

The fee paid for the missed examination is non-refundable.

If the decision is in favour of the candidate, he/she will be exempted from the obligation to pay the surcharge for non-appearance or cancellation.
However, the decision to grant the request is not a reason to exceed the time available for obtaining the qualification and passing the exams, nor does it extend the validity period of the course as defined by law.


Cancellation and refund of fees

In case of theoretical knowledge examinations for pilots, the exam can be cancelled by the applicant free of charge at least 120 hours before the announced start date. After that date, the exam may be cancelled until the start of the exam, however, the applicant must pay 50% of the fee for the cancelled exam before applying for the next exam. 
The request for a refund of the fee paid may be submitted via e-mail, via eHivatal in the form of an administrative request or in person. 

The fee may be paid by a third party on behalf of the candidate, by agreement between the candidate and the third party. In this case, the amount paid will be refunded to the bank account of the third party, except on the basis of a declaration by the actual payer in a private document (original signature and two witnesses or a document duly signed).

If the examinee has limited capacity (a child who has reached the age of 14 but is not yet of legal age) and the payment is made by a legal representative (parent, guardian, etc.), the refund is made to the legal representative.

In the event of an overpayment or an incorrect transfer, the Examination Centre will refund the amount of the excess fee or the amount of the incorrect transfer ex officio to the payer within 15 days of its establishment, to the account number indicated by the payer in writing, less the bank charges applicable at the time, if the application or the documents supporting the payment show that an overpayment or incorrect transfer has been made. If the refund is made at the request of the payer, the request must state the name and address of the payer, the reason for the refund, the name of the account holder and the account number to be credited to which the payer requests the refund to be made. If the amount to be refunded is equal to or less than the amount of the related bank charges, no refund will be made.